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The JPEG that’s going places

JPEGs for the real world. Let’s Go!

Connect with friends, discover new places, and share the fun with Outsiders: 10,000 Gameplay-enabled PFPs that grant you membership to a community of IRL enthusiasts around the globe. Each Outsider is designed to unlock unique privileges and benefits as you get out and go.

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Unlock IRL

Not just a JPEG

Real World Experiences
Connect your digital and physical worlds
Gameplay Mode
Upgrade your PFP based on your adventures
Membership Privileges
Enjoy exclusive access to features and apps
Unique Airdrops
Receive digital collectibles during Gameplay
Ready-to-Go IP
Put your Outsider artwork to good use!
Leave No Tracks
Our ethereum minting is carbon offset
On-Chain Metadata
(and on-chain artwork in the works!)
3D illustration with hexagonal plane, two structures, an Outsider PFP and Gowalla Donut Shop stamp.

Go all the places, do all the things

Gameplay Mode

Take your Outsider on an adventure with Gameplay Mode. When activated, Outsiders can receive airdrops and trait upgrades based on community participation as well as activity in our IRL Game and World Creator apps. Each Outsider unlocks early access to Gowalla’s apps and projects as the become available.

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